Consider the Humble Candidates: Who cares if they grew up eating dirt sandwiches?

In an online ad, Republican congressional candidate Dan Kapanke wants you to know he’s a real guy. “Having been born and raised on a dairy farm, I have a pretty good idea of what Wisconsin people value,” says Democrat Ron Kind’s challenger for the 3rd District seat. While it’s a nice sentiment, it’s meaningless. Growing […]

Stabbed by a Poll

A few weeknights ago, I was sitting comfortably at home, enjoying some commercials for the A-Team movie, which were occasionally interrupted by some NBA playoff basketball. The phone rang, and I do what I normally do – swear for 30 seconds, then I got off the couch to answer it. (It is never for me.) […]

Youthful Indiscretions: Our Politicians are Both Juvenile and Delinquent

The ubiquitous television commercial plays nonstop, making it the aural wallpaper of our lives: Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” remixed over modern beats, reminds us that the fountain of youth can be found in a sweet carbonated beverage. It’s not the first marketing campaign to promise us eternal youth, and it won’t be the last. In […]

Revenge of the Nerd: Why Paul Ryan can be our Next President

In the 1995 movie “The American President,” Michael Douglas plays Andrew Shepherd, a U.S. President who proudly hails from Wisconsin. In the movie, President Shepherd must choose between supporting a gun control bill and a “pollution reduction bill,” which happens to be the pet cause of his environmental lobbyist girlfriend. (This plot contrivance is only slightly less […]