Another Downside of Smoking Bans…

…You might start to realize that the people you\’ve been drinking with actually stink. From our friends in Scotland: A PUB regular has been barred from his favourite Dunfermline boozer  for indiscriminate wind breaking. Management at the bar say Stewart Laidlaw \”revels\” in his bouts of flatulence and other punters have almost been sick after […]

The Cigarette Tax Paradox

I was talking with one of my guys in the Capitol the other day, and he mentioned that his office was getting a lot of calls opposing Governor Doyle\’s proposed $1.25 cigarette tax increase.  Apparently, some stores are passing out cards with their cigarettes that say \”call your legislator and oppose the increased cigarette tax.\”  […]

Idol Live Blog

I figured since I\’m watching American Idol tonight, I might as well live blog it. Following the show, I plan on drowning myself by immersing my head in mayonnaise. It\’s Gwen Stefani night, and I\’m not sure what that really means. They are doing her songs, or songs that Gwen likes, or songs that she\’s […]

India Has Got it Backwards…

Recently the Associated Press reported that a court in New Delhi has banned cigarette smoking and cell phone usage while driving a vehicle. They assume that these acts distract people from driving safely. So if we\’re going to ban distractions behind the wheel, shouldn\’t we ban radios, passengers, eating and even roadside advertising? In the […]

Dancing on a Volcano

In 1939, legendary French director Jean Renoir released “Rules of The Game,” a film that still frequently resides at the top of many “Greatest Movies in History” lists. The film was a madcap satire of French society in the late 1930s, portraying the governing class as crude, oversexed, and naïve to the realities of the world. When […]

An Expensive Affair

I\’ve said in the past that I actually do genuinely feel sorry for gays and lesbians, as their potential pool of lovers is so much smaller. Which makes this story all the more sad. Even though this woman got scammed, I empathize with her. Although the Dukes of Hazzard scene is priceless.

Cable Study Media Wrap-Up

Yesterday, WPRI released my study on cable competition.  Articles on the study appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the St. Paul Pioneer Press, and the Racine Journal Times (same AP story, complete with entertaining reader comments).  I also appeared on Wisconsin Public Radio, which can be heard here.  Fox 6 news in Milwaukee also ran […]

New Strategy for Israel

Some of you may remember my post about perennial Madison mayoral candidate and noted crazy person Will Sandstrom at the old blog. Well, someone sent me his blog, complete with a 33,000 word post – so make yourself a sandwich, sit down, and enjoy! Oh, and keep in mind – 2.6% of voters in Madison […]

Saving Me From Myself

So for Christmas last year, I got my wife a year long \”wine of the month\” membership at Barriques. It\’s actually great – they do a really good job picking out wines, although the downside is that you have to go to the store and pick them up once a month. I was working late […]

Keeping Tabs on SXSW

The South by Southwest Festival in Austin, TX, remains one of the great events that I have yet to attend. And it\’s killing me, as my hipster cred is eroding with every year I fail to make the trip. Anyway, my friend Stephen Thompson, now online music editor at NPR, spent the last few days […]