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My Bracket

Here\’s my NCAA Tournament bracket. A couple of notes:

As much as it kills me, my Warriors are going down to Michigan State. Of course, this pick is just to hedge my bets, so I\’m not completely bummed out when they lose.

My big surprise is Indiana beating UCLA – I think UCLA overachieved all year in a bad conference, and they finished poorly. Hoosiers move on to the final eight.

Kevin Durant scores 64 first half points against North Carolina, realizes he might be drafted by the Bucks, then scores 64 points for Carolina to make everyone think he\’s crazy. With the first pick the Bucks instead draft noted white guy Brian Butch, not even realizing he\’s not eligible for the draft.

Hoyas cut down the nets, proving once again that Catholic schools have God on their side.

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  1. It’s not too late to slide that bracket into the WisconsinSportsBar’s Tourney Pick’em, where you could be 2nd to the Bouncing Mozzarella 😉

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