Lending Sheridan a Hand

So it seems the entirety of Wisconsin’s press corps (pronounced “core” for aspiring presidential candidates) is interested in where Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan has been privately introducing his motions.  When initially asked by reporters whether he was dating a lobbyist with pending interests before the Legislature, Sheridan denied it, saying the two were just “friends.”  […]

Wisconsin Declared a Terrorist-Free Zone

If you were worried about Al-Qaeda operatives secretly infiltrating your Wednesday night bowling league, have no fear.  State Representative Dean Kaufert has declared Wisconsin off limits to terrorists, drafting a bill banning the placement of Guantanamo Bay prisoners in the Dairy State. Guantanamo Warden:  “Pack your bags, boys – you’re going to Wisconsin.” Al-Qaeda Terrorist […]

Cool Story, Representative Sinicki

Last week, an Assembly committee held a hearing on a bill that would ban the use of racially offensive school mascots in Wisconsin.  State Representative Chris Sinicki delighted the crowd with her own puzzling story about the “White Wizards.” (Skip ahead to the 1 hour, 25 minute mark of the video.) Your tax dollars at […]

A Very Convincing Argument

A state legislator’s office sent this to me this afternoon.  It’s a constitutent letter meant to convince legislators that the state should implement domestic partner benefits for state employees.  (I changed the names to protect the innocent:) Subject: Please Support Domestic Partnership Protections Representative Prince Fielder State Capitol PO Box 6666 Madison, WI 53707 Dear […]