I am going on record as being 100% for this:


Note the look of irritation by Herb Kohl as fans stage a paper bag protest during last Saturday\’s Bucks-Celtics game. BrewHoop has the details:

On Friday we told you about a group of RealGMers\’ plan to wear paper bags during the Celtics game, and as the above picture suggests, they not only made it out to see the Bucks\’ 99-77 loss to the Celtics, but also managed to confront owner Herb Kohl near the end of the fourth quarter.

In sum, the bag revolutionaries totaled 39, certainly far fewer than what some previous fan demonstrations have mustered, but not surprising given it was organized over a closed message board. However, what they lacked in numbers they made up for in strategy (kudos to Dan for that). Shortly before tipoff and during halftime they paraded through the concourses to maximize exposure, led by Nowak\’s brilliantly subversive \”Where Amazing Happens\” sign, and after the game they stationed themselves by the escalators. They were seated in a block of 30 in the upper deck, so not surprisingly the television cameras managed to avoid them, though the group did make it onto the jumbotron briefly during a prize giveaway, forcing an abrupt cut to a different camera.