I implore you to immediately stop working (unless you happen to be performing head cancer surgery on someone) and check out \”Stuff White People Like.\” It is absolutely hysterical.

It is kind of hard to navigate around, so I\’ll provide a handy list of links:

1-6 \”Coffee,\” \”Farmers\’ Markets\”
7-16 \”Having Black Friends,\” \”Wes Anderson Movies,\” \”Making you feel bad about not going outside,\” \”Non-profit organizations\”
17-26 \”Awareness,\” \”Microbreweries\”
27-36 \”Marathons,\” \”Not Having a TV,\” \”The Daily Show/Colbert Report\”
37-46 \”Netflix,\” \”Public Radio,\” \”The New York Times\”
47-52 \”Sarah Silverman,\” \”Irony,\” \”Living by water,\” \”Whole Foods\”
53-61 \”Apologies,\” \”Lawyers,\” \”Juno,\” \”Toyota Prius\”
61-71 \”Knowing what\’s best for poor people,\” \”Expensive sandwiches,\” \”Recycling,\” \”Being the only white person around\”

I almost coughed up a lung reading through that.