Now that the New York Times has supposedly uncovered John McCain\’s declaration that he\’s down with OPP, I have some thoughts:

In a subconscious way, I kind of saw this coming. In McCain\’s Wisconsin victory speech Tuesday, he slid this line in near the end:

\”I have been an imperfect servant of my country for many years.\”

When he said that, my ears perked up a little. Generally, politicians don\’t readily concede their faults unless they\’re trying to beat someone else to it. So while he wasn\’t specific about allegations that he was a \”booty enthusiast,\” it did seem like he was paving the way for something. I\’m sure he knew this story was coming.

Of course, one of the rules of trying to look smart is to actually point this stuff out before it happens. Mental note for next time.

As everyone else seems to have pointed out, the evidence that McCain actually had an improper relationship with this other woman seems pretty thin. Now, if stories begin to leak that McCain also spent a lot of time with the lobbyist for Viagra, then the puzzle pieces may start to come together.

As for the Times story, it shows how desperate things are for the Gray Lady when they\’re spooked into running a semi-story just because The New Republic was going to run with it first – and these are the two entities fingered for horrific plagiarism scandals; now it\’s seemingly a race to see which one can examine their own rectums, head-first.

After hearing the news, I flipped to CNN, only to hear Bay Buchanan savaging McCain for being such an alleged dirtbag. Of course, she didn\’t have any more information than the New York Times did – but had no problem ripping McCain a new one for not being \”straight\” with GOP primary voters (she had worked for the Romney campaign.) I honestly have no idea why any members of the Buchanan family are allowed on television. Plus, the sight of Bay Buchanan in high definition scared me to death. If you\’re a wife trying to dissuade your husband from dropping $2K on a new HDTV, just use Bay Buchanan as an example. It should send him sprinting out of Best Buy.

I\’ve heard some people speculate as to whether we\’ll be hearing more from the mainstream media about Barack Obama\’s Tony Rezko problem. I\’ve been pretty consistent on this – I have a pretty high bar for proving \”corruption\” by elected officials. There are a lot of sleazeballs from both parties that contribute heavily to campaigns, which is their right. And certainly people have a right to criticize it if they don\’t like it. But until that elected official takes some government action to pay back those favors, I think we have to hold our nose and take it. Unless, of course, the money sitting in their campaign account was raised illegally, as may be the case with Rezko. But Obama\’s plans to socialize health care in the U.S. scare me enough – I still have an open mind on the \”corruption\” charges.

So, as it turns out, this presidential campaign will likely boil down to \”cocaine vs. ho\’s.\” We should just elect Tony Montana and be done with it.