So last week I wrote my little post about going to the David Maraniss book signing. When I was there, I noticed that there was a WisconsinEye camera there (WisconsinEye is like the state C-Span, and apparently they cover author speeches and such).

Near the end of the Maraniss speech, I asked a question that I thought was pretty good. It even elicited a \”great question\” from him. I was excited to watch the video, to see if my question was a good one, or if I sound like a total dope.

I\’ve been checking it almost hourly for a week (which has probably doubled the traffic to their website), and noticed that they finally archived it. But here\’s the hitch…

The video plays clearly for nearly an hour. Then finally at the 59:20 mark, you can see Maraniss turn to me to recognize my question. THEN THE FREAKING SCREEN GOES BLACK. When it comes back on, you can see him answering my question! Those sons of bitches cut me out! I am the only edit made in the whole damn thing!

My one chance to be immortalized forever, lost on the editing floor. You can watch the video here, and be sure to fast forward to the part where WisconsinEye stabbed me in the heart. It\’s probably more entertaining than hearing my actual question.

I hereby challenge WisconsinEye to a fistfight.