\"\" As of a couple weeks ago, 80% of my diet now consists of Simply Asia pre-cooked noodle bowls. They\’re a huge step up from other noodles, although the name sounds more like an order made to an escort service than a food product.

In fact, since I started eating them, I wondered how actual Asian people would feel about Simply Asia noodle bowls. I mean, certainly there has to be more to Asia than microwave noodles, right?

Yesterday at work, I was in the office kitchen cooking up my Simply Asia bowl, and an Asian guy walked up behind me to microwave something. I admit, I kind of turned my body around so he couldn\’t see what I was eating. Because if he was in the kitchen eating \”Cracker McHonkey\’s Microwaved Mozarella Sticks,\” I\’d probably think it was strange. Hopefully, Governor Doyle\’s recent trip to China got this all smoothed out so I can eat my noodles in peace.

But if you can get over the cultural ramifications, I\’d recommend them highly. Although they cost more than the 12 cent packs of Ramen noodles.