We all like the thrill of a pennant chase, but don\’t hold your breath. Here\’s why:

Tonight\’s game, top of the 7th, one out. Dave Bush has been cruising, and has a 2-1 lead. There\’s one out and Ned Yost elects to let Bush hit for himself, presumably because he\’s going to keep using him. Bush actually gets a hit, but the inning fizzles.

Bottom of the 7th starts, and the pitcher is… Scott Linebrink?

As you may know, I am certainly no fan of Linebrink\’s. But if you were going to bring him in, what in the hell was Bush doing batting for himself in the top of the inning? And why, after showing you were committed to him staying in the game by letting him bat, would you pull a pitcher that was cruising through inning after inning – especially with a suspect bullpen?

Naturally, Linebrink comes in, immediately gives up a hit, runs the count full, and gets the hitter to line out, doubling up Carlos Lee on first. Linebrink then gives up another hit, then walks a batter. After Yost has to yank Linebrink\’s ass out of the game, Brian Shouse gives up the game tying hit.

This is why all the Brewer fans can stop their worrying now. If the Brewers have a manager that can\’t even figure out the simplest of maneuvers – and continues to use Derrick Turnbow in any capacity other than carrying bags to and from the team bus, they won\’t sniff the playoffs. And it really is too bad. Thanks for the season, guys.

UPDATE: Some more questions…

How many times is Ryan Braun going to be pulled for a defensive replacement, only to have his position come up again?

Top of the 9th, you\’re down two runs, and have a full bench – and you let the .231 hitting Craig Counsell hit for himself? Sure, Weeks bailed him out – but why just give away an out to start the inning?

Matt Wise comes in in the 10th and gives up two hits. First and second, no out with Carlos Lee coming up. By not pulling him for Cordero at that point (who had warmed up), you\’re telling everyone that you\’re perfectly willing to concede defeat.

With Wise in, there were men on first and third with one out. A run can beat you. Why wouldn\’t you walk the .323 hitter (Pence), to set up the force at any base and make the worse hitter (Wigginton, .282) beat you?