\"\" Before last week, I had barely heard of D.L. Hughley, and couldn\’t name a single thing he had been in. After reading this ballsy interview with The Onion, I decided I should seek out some more of his work. Of course, he has yet to prove that he\’s really funny – just that he\’s not afraid to speak his mind about the disgrace of race hustlers and the damage done by the victimhood industry.

Some clips, beginning with Hughley addressing protestors complaining about derogatory remarks he made about the Rutgers women\’s basketball team:

Q: So when you\’ve called your protestors \”clowns\” and \”buffoons\”—

DLH: I think they are! I think they\’re clowns. In this country, 93 percent of black people are killed by other black people. One in three black people in this country can\’t read right now. There are more black men in jail than in college. AIDS is growing in the black community at an unprecedented rate. And you\’re worrying about what a comedian is saying? If you\’re an activist, do something about the shit that you claim is important! Me saying or not saying something is never going to change our station in the world. I\’ve talked about any number of issues. I\’ve been in front of presidents and I\’ve been in front of plumbers, and I\’ve been consistent. I believe what I believe, and I don\’t have to defend myself. She can say whatever she wants to say—that\’s her right, and I respect that right. But I will not now, never, or at any time defend myself or apologize for the way I see the world.

Later, he goes after Al Sharpton:

Q: Actually, they did get a response from Al Sharpton.

DLH: And what did Al say? You know what, I don\’t care what Al said. I honestly could care less what he thinks. I think these cats are just opportunists. I don\’t see where they\’ve made the world any better, or actually taken a stand about anything that matters. I think in the quest to be relevant, they\’ve put themselves in the bin of obscurity. Al Sharpton\’s been on my TV show, and he\’s sat in front of me, and I\’ve said the exact same things.

Q: It\’s funny that you call Sharpton an \”opportunist,\” because his letter says your joke was an \”obvious attempt to create publicity\” for yourself, and that it\’s sad that you would \”stoop to behavior that is disrespectful to women as a means of self promotion.\”

DLH: Al Sharpton\’s actually gonna say \”self-promotion\”? Al Sharpton?! C\’mon, man, let\’s be real. How many people really respect what Al Sharpton says, really? He doesn\’t show up unless there\’s a camera around. I\’m one of the best in the country at what I do, and I don\’t need to pretend to be anything else. I\’m not pretending to be a preacher while going all over the country getting involved in bullshit fights. I don\’t go to Duke University and accuse people of shit and then when I found out I\’m wrong, not apologize. I don\’t pretend to be a leader and then do the most asinine shit. I don\’t pretend to ban the \”n\” word while watching people starve. The only difference between me and Al Sharpton is that I\’m paid to make people laugh. And when his tally is said and done, if the fact that he got Don Imus off the air is his greatest accomplishment in civil rights? If Al Sharpton\’s mad at me, I think I\’ve done something right. [Laughs.] That\’s the f***ing truth.

Read the whole thing – especially when he goes after the interviewer, who is clearly irritated at his answers. You may not agree with some of the things he has to say, but it\’s refreshing that he refuses to be intimidated by the usual suspects.