I was too busy drinking on Saturday night to express my feelings about the state of the Brewers\’ season, so one of my good friends did so for me:

Mark the date and time. Saturday, June 9, 2007. 10:16 pm. The Milwaukee Brewers are mentally destroyed and their playoff hopes are dashed. Yeah, yeah, the Cubs lost too and we\’re still five games up and we play in baseball\’s worst division. Nope, its over. This is a mental nut-punch from Mike Tyson wearing brass knuckles. Wouldn\’t be surprised if the franchise never wins another game.

Where does one even start? Great Sheets start wasted? Check. Great Turnblow 8th where he threw nothing but strikes wasted? Check. Insurance runs in the 9th to make it 3-nil? Its over now cuz CoCo is coming to slam the door….right?

By my count (because I was scoring the game at home), CoCo had the Rangers down to their last strike in the game 47 times. ALL OF THIS HAPPENED WITH TWO OUTS. And it wasn\’t a freak home run. Single, walk, single, single single, single? Can that be right? F***!

Oh well, at least we didn\’t lose two in a row to the team with the worst record in baseball. Oh wait, what\’s that you say? That actually did happen? And we now have seven more road games (six against good teams) before we\’re back home? If we\’re over .500 by the time we get back to Milwaukee it will be a bigger miracle since loaves and fishes.

I swore I would never trust this franchise again. I made a blood oath on the day the Jose Hernandez-led Brewers became the first major league team to ever have more strikeouts than hits in a season (1999?, 2000?). But what did I do this year? I went back to them.

Being a Brewer fan is like being in an abusive marriage. (Gosh, he apologized for pistol-whipping me and said he\’d quit drinking and stop cheating on me. I mean, c\’mon, he\’s only human. Let\’s give the old guy another chance!)

I hope I have this email rubbed in my face three months from now as the Brewers are wrapping up a division title and Prince is clearing space on his mantle for an MVP trophy, but I\’m terrified that tonight was one of those crucial games that will haunt this team; probably forever.