Here\’s a secret from the \”Too Much Information\” file: I think about a lot of my blog topics in the shower. But yesterday, I actually thought about showering while in the shower. And these are some questions I have:

1. Do you actually wash your feet while you\’re in the shower, or do you just figure that the soap will make its way down there eventually?

2. Have you ever been in the shower for so long that you actually forget whether you shampooed or not?

3. If I just bought a huge 50 gallon water heater, why can\’t it hold enough hot water for two hot showers in the morning?

4. Question for wives/girlfriends: How long does your husband have to be in the shower before you suspect that something nefarious is going on in there?

5. If we pooled together all the money women waste on conditioner, we could eradicate hunger in Africa. Or buy every man in Wisconsin a plasma TV, which I think is really what the children of Africa would prefer deep down in their hearts.