Last week, I bemoaned the fact that a bunny rabbit had dug a giant hole and set up shop in my front yard. Well, as I was mowing the lawn yesterday, I was surprised by a couple new residents in my front yard (see photo). I figured there were baby bunnies in the hole, but didn\’t realize they\’d come so soon.

During dinner on Saturday night, we were treated to a full-on National Geographic special when some big black birds caught wind of the new baby bunnies and tried to carry them away. One bird picked a bunny up by the back of its neck and carried it for a few feet before it wriggled away. Immediately, the mother bunny launched herself at the birds, scaring them all off. Then, she rustled up the other kids and sat on them, guarding them from the evil winged intruders.

During the whole episide, my daughter sat by the window yelling \”go away mean birds!\” I realize it\’s nature and all, but I\’m not sure I want to see the theory of evolution played out when I\’m trying to eat my chicken stir-fry. I fully expect to wake up tomorrow morning to see some cheetahs tearing apart a gazelle on my front lawn.

And I stand firmly with the bunnies in defending themselves. In fact, I threw them some bread crumbs to show a little solidarity – I might have to supply them with some poison birdseed or something. There will be no peace deal brokered here.

Later, the mother breast fed all the kids out on the lawn, which I think violated about 13 city codes.

UPDATE: Even more drama ensued on Sunday night, when I went into the basement and realized one of the bunnies had fallen into a window well and couldn\’t get out. So my wife and I constructed a ramp to help him climb back up onto the lawn. The Worldwide Bunny Association should build a statue of me at their headquarters.