Panning for Signatures in Ohio

On Monday, I wrote about all the signatures the pro-public union group We Are Ohio collected in order to bring Governor John Kasich’s newly-minted collective bargaining bill up for a public vote.  Despite the extremely low threshold of 231,147 signatures to subject the law to a referendum, We Are Ohio turned in 1.3 million signatures. […]

Wisconsin Flexes Its Star Power

Tuesday night’s utterly predictable recall election win by Democratic State Senator Dave Hansen of Green Bay followed the usual protocol:  At about 9 p.m., Hansen strode to the podium at his victory party and predicted Democrats would take back the state senate when other recall elections are conducted in August. But Hansen’s speech was followed […]

Ieshuh Griffin Unveils Her New Slogan

Wisconsin political legend Ieshuh Griffin showed up on The Daily Show last night to unveil her new campaign slogan: The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Slogan’s Hero Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Tea Party Clearly, her new slogan was inspired by Ron Johnson’s “No Old Booty” campaign […]

Doyle’s Charitable Sleaze

So we now know Governor Jim Doyle has shifted $1 million of his now-defunct campaign fund over to the Greater Wisconsin Committee, a political group intending to run television ads to smear Republicans in the upcoming fall election. Perhaps as interesting as the fact that Doyle chose to use $1 million of his own money […]

Cheapskating to Victory

Wisconsin’s own Stephen Hayes takes a look at Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker in the most recent Weekly Standard.  Much of it will be familiar to those in Wisconsin who have been following the race  – but an exchange Hayes had with Graeme Zielinski of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is most telling: Graeme Zielinski, […]

Feingold Approved This Nonsense

So Ron Johnson has a new ad out.  Here it is: You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video Pretty straightforward, nothing earth-shattering. But I always get a kick out of the part of Johnson’s ads where he has to say “I approved this message.”  As we know, the only reason […]

The Crazy World of Independent Candidates

Since the recent news cycle has birthed us the gift of Ieshuh Griffin (aka, “Not the whiteman’s bitch), I thought I’d pass on a magazine piece I wrote about some of Wisconsin’s other more colorful independent candidates. Read it here. An excerpt: [Ed] Thompson was also joined as a third party gubernatorial candidate by Mike […]

We Wuz Right On Obey

Back in May, I expressed some skepticism at Congressman Dave Obey’s stated reason for retiring from the House of Representatives after 41 years of service.  Obey said he was “bone tired,” and that he decided long ago to retire after the big health care bill passed. The media lapped this all up, running with the […]

Stabbed by a Poll

A few weeknights ago, I was sitting comfortably at home, enjoying some commercials for the A-Team movie, which were occasionally interrupted by some NBA playoff basketball. The phone rang, and I do what I normally do – swear for 30 seconds, then I got off the couch to answer it. (It is never for me.) […]