WPRI In the News Today

Today, I have a column on the National Review Online.  It’s called “Of Course It’s About the Money:” “We are prepared to implement the financial concessions proposed to help bring our state’s budget into balance, but we will not be denied our God-given right to join a real union. . . . We will not […]

A New Reason to Protest

Amid the union worker protests taking place at the Wisconsin State Capitol, demonstrators saw an odd sight on Monday.  The Daily Show with Jon Stewart enlisted a camel for a report being filed by John Oliver – only it appears things went very wrong, as evidenced by these videos taken by Jack Craver from the […]

The Wisconsin Government Worker Protest Update

With history unfolding in Madison, Wisconsin over the past few days, I’ve written a number of articles describing the scene. Here’s an op-ed I wrote for the New York Times giving a basic breakdown of the issue: So far, Walker’s plans have been fiscally modest, but politically bold. Public employee unions will continue to protest, […]

Prosser Dominates “Fairest Election Ever”

For years, so-called “good government” groups had been fighting to “level” the playing field in judicial elections.  They always believed that public financing of elections virtually eliminated advantages for certain candidates.  Last session, such a framework was passed into law.  (Perhaps not-so-ironically, this occurred when conservatives were elected to a majority on the Wisconsin Supreme […]