Christian Schneider

Author, Columnist

State Capitol Protests, February 19, 2011

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  1. I’m guessing we, the taxpayers of Wisconsin, are paying all the costs associated with the Democrats who fled the state (mileage, food, hotel). Shame on them for leaving their jobs because things got tough. If I did that, I’d be fired.

  2. Pam – No. That’s a good rumor for the GOP to spread. (You should know that you can go to jail if you’re doing it from your state computer.) But it’s not true. The Senate Dems expenses are either out of their own pockets or out of their campaign accounts. (Even if it were legal for them to use state money, the legislative majority has very broad discretion over legislative expenses – and the GOP leadership would not be in the mood to sign off on the expense account.) If you’d like to donate to their expenses and their cause, you can do so at:

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