Profiles in Civility

Today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel features a story about how “civility” has been lost in Wisconsin due to the conflict over collective bargaining rights.  The article goes out of its way to show that both sides are guilty of incivility, with UW-Madison political science professor Dennis Dresang declaring that “nobody’s got a monopoly on rhetoric and […]

Manhood in a Bottle

If you’re a sports fan, your weekends are likely wallpapered with television advertisements that purport to explain what being a “man” is all about.  One’s masculinity, according to ad writers, is currently derived from your choice of satellite television company, what kind of body wash you use, and most of all, what kind of beer […]

The Wisconsin Government Worker Protest Update

With history unfolding in Madison, Wisconsin over the past few days, I’ve written a number of articles describing the scene. Here’s an op-ed I wrote for the New York Times giving a basic breakdown of the issue: So far, Walker’s plans have been fiscally modest, but politically bold. Public employee unions will continue to protest, […]

Lending Sheridan a Hand

So it seems the entirety of Wisconsin’s press corps (pronounced “core” for aspiring presidential candidates) is interested in where Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan has been privately introducing his motions.  When initially asked by reporters whether he was dating a lobbyist with pending interests before the Legislature, Sheridan denied it, saying the two were just “friends.”  […]

Aren’t We Clever?

War, famine, health care, Tiger Woods’ marriage.  These are the important things that we should spend our time thinking about.  But I admit, I often spend inordinate amounts of time being irritated by things that don’t matter.  Such as the fact that Noodles & Co. has spaghetti and meatballs on their “American Food” menu. (In […]

John Nichols’ Shameful Opportunism

When revered members of the public pass away, some use the time to mourn.  Some use the time to reflect on that individual’s good deeds.  Liberal writer John Nichols, on the other hand, sees the death as a perfect time to take cheap shots at his political opponents. In his column “Jack Kemp vs. the […]

Wait – He’s Joking?

Liberals, long convinced that conservatives are too stupid to know that the Colbert Report is satire, now they have a study to prove it: Additionally, there was no significant difference between the groups in thinking Colbert was funny, but conservatives were more likely to report that Colbert only pretends to be joking and genuinely meant […]

The Daily Me

In our podcast last week, Marc Eisen and I discussed what would happen to political discourse when newspapers eventually fade away – specifically, how people will talk to one another about politics when all the news they read is news that they have hand-selected to suit their ideology. This phenomenon has been dubbed “The Daily […]

Identifying James T.

I got back from being on the road for four days on Sunday, and began combing through the week’s news to see what I had missed. Naturally, the big story in Wisconsin was Milwaukee talk show host and blogger James T. Harris’ admonition to John McCain to “take it to” Barack Obama – which made […]