Yesterday, the Wisconsin Elections Board produced a list of 82 felons believed to have voted in the November 7th election (it is against the law for felons to vote in Wisconsin).  The names are being forwarded to various district attorneys around the state for prosecution – apparently, some criminals believe a \”buy one felony, get one free\” policy applies.

Republicans have long sought to require photo identification at the polls to verify voter identities.  Democrats, of course, insist that no vote fraud problem really exists.  A quote from Democratic State Senator Jon Erpenbach in today\’s Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

Erpenbach said the push for photo ID was a matter of people looking for a problem that doesn\’t exist.

\”Wisconsin elections, for the most part, there\’s never really been fraud or a problem,\” he said.

A reader e-mails:

\”This nonsense that voter fraud isn\’t happening because there haven\’t been a lot of convictions is silly.  Try using the Dems\’ logic on another crime: graffiti.  Like voter fraud, its awfully tough to catch people in the act.  Unlike voter fraud, the results are easy to see.  But if a lot of people aren\’t getting busted, then it must not be happening, right?  The reason it\’s tough to catch the frauds is because our election laws are so lax (same day registration, no photo ID requirement, letting people vouch for others, etc.)\”

Well said.