The big news around the conservative blogosphere today is this dope who decided to announce that he wanted to infiltrate tea parties and yell racist things, in order to make “tea baggers” look bad.  (I would suggest he yell things like “black children deserve to stay in terrible schools!” since that is actually his party’s platform.)

Something smells here.  It’s just too stupid to announce publicly that you’re going undercover to make your opponents look bad.  Now, if any nutjob at any tea party in America says anything intemperate, tea partiers have an instant out.  “It was liberals trying to make us look bad!”  (And trust me – if any idiots show up with “Obama is Hitler” signs or whatever, they will be covered.  I wrote about last year’s tax day rally, and there were a couple of “those” people there – and naturally, they showed up on every local newscast.)

So in the end, this guy publicly urging the infiltration of tea parties is actually doing his opponents a big favor.  Which made me think that this might be an elaborate ruse.  Maybe this guy is actually a conservative operative, who urges people to become liberal operatives, then blows the whistle on his plan in order to help conservatives.  Basically, he’s a triple agent.  It’s brilliant.  In fact, it seems likely, given that it’s too smart to have been thought up by any of these lefty troglodytes.

This is also a big win for actual racists, who can now show up at the tax day rally and yell whatever they want with impunity.  For these people, just do us a favor – wear a Nancy Pelosi t-shirt.  Thanks much.