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A Very Special Message from WEAC

From the WEAC website, a special message from teachers’ union president Mary Bell:

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At the end, Bell suggests a new way of fixing the budget deficit, saying we should “revisit the thresholds for targeted tax increases.”  I guess that’s one way of putting it.  If WEAC spent half as much time trying to cut costs as they do coming up with innovative ways to say “tax increase,” we’d be out of this budget jam in a week.

I also enjoyed the stylistic flair of having two cameras filming Bell during her speech, then alternating camera angles.  Here’s a cost-saving tip: sell one of the cameras, then give that money to a new teacher. 

See?  We’re already making progress.


  1. How about putting everything on the table, like opening School Choice to the whole state.

  2. Did she really mention “further cuts”? Just when did actual “cuts” happen?

    Sorry, WEAC – I guess that dream of a 1:1 teaching ratio just wasn’t achievable…


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