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Again, I have to apologize for not being very active on the \’ol blog here.  For those who want to read what I\’ve been up to, check out my nerdy posts over at the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute Blog.  People seem to have figured out that I\’m just buying time on this blog by adding videos, but I actually have been writing elsewhere.

Also, on Saturday I\’ll be at the Americans For Prosperity \”Defending the American Dream Summit\” in Milwaukee.  Due to the multiple restraining orders filed against me, it is as yet unclear which breakout session they will have me speaking to.  But it will be at 3:15.  I\’ll update here if necessary.

On Sunday morning, I will be on \”Sunday Insight with Charlie Sykes,\” so tune in to that.  I\’m thinking pink tie, but I can be dissuaded.

Finally, my wife has alerted me to the fact that at her work, someone has begun writing a newsletter called the \”Latrine Ledger\” and posting it in the bathroom stall.  My column with them will be starting next week.  Unfortunately, in order to read it, you will have to go to my wife\’s office and sit on the women\’s crapper.  From what I understand, there have already been complaints about the Ledger\’s liberal bias, but their expose on the dangers of using hand dryers while talking on your cell phone was top notch.

Oh, and last thing – I was scheduled to give a speech to the Conservative Young Republicans of Milwaukee this week, but I got bumped for Joe the Plumber.  My brush with fame.  I\’m sure we\’ll re-schedule for another time when such a high-powered national celebrity isn\’t in town.


  1. Skip the pink tie; I WILL cut it off.

  2. You’re speaking Saturday? Won’t that interfere w/ you attending Team State wrestling?

    Lodi vs Ellsworth. Exciting stuff.

    Joe the Plumber is weak.

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