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Thank You, ABC

My 3 year-old son has become a mama\’s boy, and I have to admit, sometimes it\’s kind of irritating.  If I try to put him to bed, or help him zip up his jacket, or get him a snack, he always yells, \”no, I want mommy!\”  I try to do fun things with him, like play catch or chase him around the house, but nothing seems to break the attachment he has to his mom.

But, thanks to a television show, that may be starting to change.  Yesterday afternoon, my wife got home from a walk, and gazed at a horrific sight – me and the boy, laying on the couch, hands in pants, bag of pretzels, laughing uproariously at the show \”Wipeout!\”  You may know it as the show where people run an obstacle course to win cash, and usually end up covered in mud or smacking their head on a giant rubber ball.  But clearly, my 3 year-old and I find it equally amusing, and spent a good amount of time doing a little man bonding yesterday.  He couldn\’t stop talking about the show all night, which means I think we\’re going to be watching a lot of it online.  Here\’s a clip:

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Also in family news, my boy has now decided he wants to pee \”like a big boy,\” which means, standing up.  He had been sitting on the toilet.  I think my wife showed him how to do it standing up the first time.  But, understandably, she left out the most important part – the \”shake\” at the end.  (Had she known about this, I would be more than a little concerned.)  So I showed him how to give it the shake – and he looked at me and started laughing uncontrollably.  It was as if the city had just given him a license to rob banks.  He then proceeded to run around the house, pants off, doing the \”shake\” maneuver, while I chased him.  On the plus side, I think he just qualified for half the fraternities in the U.S.

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  1. This almost made me laugh out loud during Con Law…I will now forever associate the dormant commerce cls. w/ the “shake” maneuver. 😉 (Fitting?)

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