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A Sincere Mea Culpa

A few days ago, I posted video of my screed against the Government Accountability Board, which aired on the \”Here and Now\” show on Wisconsin Public Television.  After the video, I relayed a conversation I had with a staff member, saying the staffer \”mocked\” my contention that there was voter fraud in Wisconsin.

In looking back at that post, I think I probably unfairly characterized that conversation by saying I was \”mocked.\”  When the staffer said it, it was clearly meant to be in good fun, and I returned the joke with a light-hearted, snide remark of my own.  But I recognize that the staff at the show are always fighting allegations of being biased towards the left, and my little anecdote probably didn\’t help things.

As I\’ve said before on this blog, the folks on Here and Now have been more than accomodating to me and my views on the show – not once have they ever told me I couldn\’t say anything or asked me to change my script.  They have been great – and the fact that they let a conservative like me go on the show and spout off shows that they interested in a fair representation of various viewpoints.

Thus, I will continue my segment, a la Peter Griffin\’s \”You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?\”

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  1. This is where the standards have fallen? State-employed media are fighting allegations of being “biased toward the left”? The left of what – Doyle? Garvey? Stalin? Please. Sounds to me like someone’s feelings got hurt and Chris feels guilty. Instead of apologizing, you should buy them a mirror.

    But we should give them credit, ’cause after all they haven’t censored your comments? Forgive me if I don’t start building a statue…


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