I have a column today in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel discussing the prospective healing powers of the Brewers for the City of Milwaukee.

Interestingly, I wrote the editorial a week ago, with the Brewers coming off a streak where they won 9 of 10 games. Everyone knows that the team imploded during the Cubs series last week, losing four straight. This was partly why I took the Brewers\’ losses so hard – if they went on a disastrous losing streak, it would render my column moot and make me look like a moron. (I still might be a moron, but it\’s not because of the column.) In fact, during the week, it looked like the only unifying effect the Brew Crew would have is that people of all races would be out with torches, burning Miller Park to the ground. Fortunately, a couple road wins against the Braves have turned the ship around a little.

Anyway, you can read the column here.