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Pro-McCain Vigilantism?

Perhaps the most unconvincing trashing of a campaign headquarters ever took place in Viroqua on Tuesday of this week:

VIROQUA, Wis. — Police in Viroqua are investigating graffiti vandalism at the local campaign office for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Someone used red and white spray paint on the plate glass windows of the Obama office on Main Street in downtown Viroqua.

Chief Mark Rahr says someone painted a big red \”X\’\’ over an Obama campaign sign and wrote \”wrong kind of change\” below.

Over the Obama lettering on the front window, someone wrote \”McCain\” in white paint and \”He\’s a vet\” next to it.

Someone also wrote in red paint \”Obama is funded by….\” and the letters become illegible.

Rahr says the vandalism occurred sometime Tuesday afternoon.


McCain can barely get conservatives excited enough to vote for him – what are the chances of a few being so stoked that they\’d trash Obama\’s headquarters?

Plus, do the profiles of \”McCain supporter\” and \”political vandal\” really match? How did they get away so quickly in their battery-powered wheelchairs? Who at the home left them unaccounted for?

Then again, the vandalism supposedly took place in mid-afternoon. Just in time to hit the 4:00 fish fry.  And the fact that the last shot against Obama went unfinished could be evidence of a short attention span:



The messages they painted are also somewhat less convincing. \”He\’s a vet?\” \”The wrong kind of change?\” Any conservative hard core enough to trash the Obama headquarters wouldn\’t have been able to resist something like \”OBAMA\’S PLAN TO RAISE TAXES ON CAPITAL GAINS SUX!!!!\”

Needless to say, I am not convinced these were pro-McCain forces at work here. It could very well have been Obama supporters engaging in some chicanery, knowing Republicans would get stuck with the damage. (And likely engaging in a post-vandalism terrorist fist-jab for a job well done.)  Then again, had it been Obama supporters, they wouldn\’t have been able to keep themselves from writing something like \”VOTE MCCAIN FOR ANOTHER 100 YEARS IN IRAQ!\”


  1. Vote McCain … don’t change horses mid-Apocalypse?
    Vote McCain … he’ll get those kids off our lawn?
    Vote McCain … he needs an eleventh house?

    Meh. It’s harder than it looks.

  2. Just read on Fox News that Obama will not meet McCain’s challenge to a few town hall debates. Why am I not surprised…Obama is just smart enough to know that McCain will shred him.

    Either that, or he got the word from Pelosi’s Politburo said ‘nyet’ to Obama’s participation.

  3. As I watched Michael Phelps accept the gold medal for swimming in China, and they played the Star Spangled Banner, and the Americans put their hand over their heart, I felt that overwhelming pride in being an American. It made me think about how I want a President who truly loves this country, as I do. A President who has fought, and is wiling to fight for our traditions, and honors our history … including the words in the Star Spangled Banner … not somebody who would worry that the words in the Star Spangled Banner might offend foreigners from other countries … not somebody who doesn’t hold their hand over their heart during the Star Spangled Banner … and, not somebody who listens to words like ‘God Damn America’ for 20 years … that’s why I’m voting for Senator John McCain in November!!!

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