Well, the press conference is over, and it honestly bored me to tears. It\’s always been true that the press has been more in the tank for Brett Favre than even Barack Obama, but the questions they asked were appallingly lukewarm. They all went something like this:

\”So, Brett – we heard you\’re retiring. What\’s up with that?\”

Where were the questions about Big Irv? About what his feelings were about Packer management?

Then again, if I had a press pass, the questions would be along this line:

\”Brett, it\’s Dennis York from the internet. What is it like being all-powerful and all-knowing? Can I give you a hug?\”

I\’m actually going to be doing my little Brett Favre song and dance on \”Here and Now\” Friday night. I\’ll post it here after it airs.

I went back and checked my blog\’s hit counter, and noticed that I actually got a few hits between 11:30 and 12:30 this afternoon. Every one of you that was reading my blog during Favre\’s press conference should be ashamed of yourselves.

Oh, and special thanks to the Sports Bubbler, which featured my post for two straight days. It is a fantastic site, and should be daily reading for Wisconsin sports fans.

Lastly, for an example of terrible writing, read \”Dr. Z\’s\” column at Sports Illustrated, where he argues \”true greatness\” eluded Favre. Perhaps holding every meaningful quarterbacking record in league history, being the only 3-time MVP, and going to two Super Bowls isn\’t enough for Dr. Z. Maybe he\’s thinking of all the other QBs who have done that.