This year seems to be the year where underrepresented groups break through in politics. We could have the first woman or African-American as president, which would represent a huge leap for gender or race status in government. Yet there\’s one group that is still woefully underrepresented in electoral politics – hot people.

As the old saying goes, \”politics is Hollywood for ugly people.\” People who may not necessarily deserve recognition for their looks can force their own celebrity by running for office. This theory shakes out nicely when one looks at the Wisconsin Legislature, which often looks like the Creature Cantina from Star Wars. (\”Senator Greedo, you have the floor.\”)

\"\"This weekend at the Defending the Dream Summit, I happened to meet Jill Didier, who is running for Mayor of Wauwatosa. Incumbent Mayor Theresa Estness has decided not to run again – presumably to spend more time hugging Michael McGee. I think it is fair to say, without reservation, that Didier would be an anomaly in the world of political looks. (Like how I said that diplomatically?)

I have no idea what a single one of her positions on the issues is, but she\’d have my vote if I lived in Tosa. She could be for mandating lawn elves in every Wauwatosa yard, and I\’d still vote for her, in the interest of having a smoking hot mayor. She\’d be like the exact opposite of Adrien Brody (an ugly actor breaking into the world of beautiful people).

So, people of Wauwatosa, this is your chance to help out a much-neglected political minority. Once this domino drops, it might provoke more hot people to come out of the closet and run for office – suddenly, the local news will become watchable.

Until then, though, Wisconsin is stuck with dreamboat beefcake State Senator Ted Kanavas as its sole political eye candy:

(Photo taken in 1983)

(Footnote: This post may make things uncomfortable if I ever run into Didier again, but it\’s not likely, so I\’m not worried. I\’m merely reporting the facts. Plus, she should be so thankful, she should make me the Tosa Secretary of Lawn Elf Administration.)