Congratulations to Casper for suggesting \”The Timid Merger\” round out the top ten list of people on the road that drive a guy nuts. There were several good entries, but this one was my favorite.

Just what is the mindset of The Timid Merger anyway? \”Hmm, traffic\’s moving pretty fast on the highway. I\’d better try merging with those cars doing seventy by going thirty.\”

Equally rotten, though, is \”The Overly-Aggressive Merger.\” He\’s the guy that just flies onto the highway sans blinker who just expects you\’re going to make way for him. Appropriate punishment for him is to spin him out by nudging the corner of his back bumper. I see this work all the time on World\’s Scariest Police Video\’s. (Quick side bar on World\’s Scariest Police Video\’s, how totally awesome is the guy that narrates that show? He could make a million dollars in a week if he offered to be the voice on people\’s answering machine for ten bucks.)