One of the things I love most about the History Channel is the fact that they\’ve covered Hitler\’s life so completely, they\’re now left reporting on some really arcane aspects of his life.

For instance, in a documentary called \”High Hitler,\” it was revealed that Hitler suffered from extreme constipation, and therefore, uncontrollable flatulence.

From the documentary description:

But the Fuhrer himself was an appalling hypochondriac who abused laxatives and suffered for much of his life from stomach cramps and embarrassing flatulence. And that was simply the start.

It looks like this has been reported elsewhere. In fact, one website reports:

A rabid hypochondriac, he would also examine his own feces on a regular basis and administer himself camomile enemas.

I\’ll spare you all the obvious \”Hitler\” and \”gas\” jokes. There certainly isn\’t anything funny about the Fuhrer.

However, this does set a troubling precedent. If someone does a documentary about me after I\’m dead, how do I make sure details like this stay out? Sure, I have the benefit of not slaughtering millions in attempting to create a master race, but some of my post-burrito stories are pretty funny.