I think everyone knows by now that police officers of all departments look out for their own. To think that they all have to follow the same laws as you or me is just naive.

However, this website seems to cross the line. It is a site dedicated to ratting out police officers who dare to issue tickets to other officers. It attempts to shame them by publishing their names, in the hopes of dirtying their reputation. All for insisting officers abide by the law.

The most disturbing passage is the first, from Illinois (big surprise there):

I really didn\’t mind the ticket once I knew I was getting one. I\’ve written thousands and is it really that bad?? The thing that bothers me is 1) she showed no respect for me. All the years I have worked, the different units I\’ve been on, the shitheads that I have arrested didn\’t mean squat to her. I\’ve given breaks before for people doing 19 miles over the limit. I have even let one go for doing 150+ on LSD. She didn\’t know this and that\’s the whole idea! She should have given me the break knowing that I go out there everyday and risk my life. I wouldn\’t have given her a ticket!

So wait… he let a guy driving 150 MPH on LSD off the hook? And he thinks this is a reason he shouldn\’t get a speeding ticket? Like, anything that falls short of that should be permissible since he let it go?

Certainly it builds camaraderie amongst cops to have their own code. It\’s silly to think they won\’t look out for their own. But whining about getting a speeding ticket and threatening those officers with citations if they ever come into your area doesn\’t look good. It gives the people already skeptical of police power even more ammo to think there\’s a conspiracy against them.