Here\’s the \”Healthy Wisconsin\” Letter to the Editor of the Year, from a self-described Atheist who decides to lecture Christians on why God supports Senate Democrats:

If I were to label myself religiously, I\’d have to say I\’m an atheist. However, I think that the myths surrounding Jesus\’ life offer good lessons in how we should treat people, especially the ones about how he healed others even if they couldn\’t afford a copayment or weren\’t covered by his HMO.

Because of this, I am befuddled about why church-going Republican senators are opposed to universal health care in the form of the Healthy Wisconsin plan. I think it\’s just good old moral values to want every pregnant woman, regardless of income or residency, to have the best care possible for herself and her baby. Or for every person who needs a life-saving medical procedure to have access to it. Thank God it\’s not me!

Now before you fall victim to the venomous propaganda they are putting out against this plan, make sure you do your own research. And search your heart as well as your head. Why shouldn\’t we all have equal access to health care? It sounds like the Christian thing to do.



Of course, supporters of Healthy Wisconsin have announced they are willing to drop the program in exchange for $1 billion in new taxes in spending.  Somewhere, Baby Jesus is crying.

Actually, given the Senate Democrats\’ insistence that they are going to continue to push the abominable Healthy Wisconsin plan later in this legislative session, I thought of a relevant Biblical passage.  From 2 Peter 2:22:

\”But that word of the true proverb has happened to them: The dog has turned back to his own vomit; and, The washed sow to her rolling in mud.\”