The Wisconsin State Journal asked some prominent Madisonians (and me) which Simpsons character they thought they most resembled. I picked Otto Mann, the incompetent yet content metalhead busdriver. When trying to make my pick, I was sold on these stories about Otto from his Wikipedia page:

Otto\’s ability and competence to drive any kind of vehicle, let alone a school bus, is highly questionable. On \”The Otto Show,\” he tells Principal Skinner that he has a record of crashing his school bus 15 times without a single fatality. On the same episode, he was dismissed from his job when the authorities discovered that he did not hold any kind of license, or any kind of identification at all. (He stated that his identification was the fact that he wrote his name on his underwear; only to discover that he was wearing someone else\’s).


He once met Metallica in the episode \”The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer\” and exclaims, \”It\’s Metallica! Am I on drugs?\” A lizard in a stoner vision says \”Yes you are, but that really is Metallica.\”