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It is Now Official…

At this time, I would now like to announce my official retirement from watching \”24.\” It\’s just too much. I can\’t take it anymore. I would rather watch Sanjaya as a new panelist on \”The View\” than watch another evil foreigner just slip through the grasp of CTU. Tonight, I was praying that Jack\’s C4 explosives would go off, blowing up both he and Audrey. I mean, come on. Nothing even makes sense anymore. I\’m hoping that Fayed really isn\’t dead and that he sneaks into CTU and pummels Morris, Milo, Chloe, and every other of those whiny bastards. Apparently Chad Lowe gets to escape the death penalty for trying to blow up the president because he had some information… that everyone knew already? So the Department of Justice, in order to look good politically, cuts a deal with a guy that just tried to kill the president? I\’m so angry, I can\’t even break my rant up into paragraphs. So there you have it. I\’ll finish out this season, then I\’ll have my papers on your desk immediately.


  1. Welcome to the club.

    Season 3 ended it for me. Actually, I didn’t much care for seasons 1 or 2 either.

  2. What if I told you that Ricky Stratton takes a long ride off a short train spur in Season 7?

    You could do what I do and watch while following the Blogs4Bauer live thread. Those guys are MERCILESS!

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