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Need Tax Advice?

So I drive on Park Street here in Madison during the day quite a bit – usually when I\’m heading down to the Capitol. If you\’ve made the drive during the day, then you\’ve seen the crazy guy dressed as Uncle Sam that stands out on the sidewalk and waves to cars – all day every day – as a promotion for a local tax preparer. I\’ve seen him out there in the pouring rain and the freezing cold, always smilin\’ and wavin.\’

My question, though: How does this help bring them business? Have you ever said to yourself the following:

\”Money\’s tight, so I really need the best refund I can get, so I want to make sure I\’m getting all the deductions I need, and I want to make sure it\’s accurate. Hey, maybe that escaped mental patient over there in the Uncle Sam suit can help me out.\”

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  1. At least he wasn’t dressed up as Lady Liberty. Those guys scare me.

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