Speaking of the disabled and libraries (how often do you say that on any given day?), my wife has found herself in a moral quandry. There\’s a new book out by an author that she really likes, and the library system has 25 copies. Unfortunately, there are 85 people on the waiting list for the book. The ink could disintegrate on the pages before she gets her hands on a copy.

There are, however, 5 copies of the LARGE TYPE version of the book available, and only 6 people on the waiting list. She wanted to know if by checking out the large type version, it\’s like parking in a handicapped parking spot. I told her that if she checks out one of the large type books, some old woman is going to be sitting at home, alone, crying in her denture cleaner. I told her that as long as she\’s in the mood, she should go around stealing walkers from the elderly.

This brings up an interesting question – are large type books like big screen plasma TVs for the literate? After reading him with large print and bigger pages, am I totally going to get Wittgenstein? If that\’s true, I\’m doing the rest of my posts in larger fonts – it\’ll make my lame jokes 30% funnier.

There\’s also a joke to be had about reading nudie mags in braile, but I can\’t think of it. Feel free to submit.