I don\’t have any opinion as to whether Brett Favre will retire or not, but I think my actions on Sunday night kind of tell which way I\’m leaning.

I was lucky enough to go to the Thursday night Packer game against the Vikings, and my ticket stub got soaked in the rain. After Favre gave his teary-eyed speech on national TV, I realized something – I didn\’t know where my ticket stub was. After all, that could have been Favre\’s last home game, right?

So I started scrambling around the house looking for it. I asked my wife if she had seen it. She looked at me and said, (make sure you\’re sitting down):

\”What\’s the big deal?\”

So if you see my ticket stub laying around somewhere, let me know. I\’ll give you big fat York hug. (Side note: In college, I once opened a beer, took a few sips, and misplaced it. Distraught, I took a marker and drew up a \”LOST: ONE BEER\” sign, complete with an artist\’s rendering of what the beer looked like. I xeroxed them off and put them up all over the neighborhood before I realized that I had taken my beer into the bathroom with me. Trust me, at the time it was pretty funny, as the missing beer was probably my ninth.)

Oh, and one last thing – this Sports Illustrated article on whether Favre will retire was a little odd. Notice at the end how they talk, not once, but twice, about how fat Aaron Rodgers is. Is this Sports Illustrated or Teen Cosmo?