York requested that I run our new business idea past his readership. He would do it himself but I think he\’s under a desk somewhere. (Take that whichever way you will. I can\’t stop you.)

Anyway, I\’m convinced that this idea is pure genius. Recent studies suggest that consumers are frustrated and confused by the widespread availability of outerwear vests. Further research reveals that the #1 complaint of young people ages 18-25 is that their limbs are too cold & their core too warm.

It took a pair of bloggers to figure out what was missing. The answer: Simply Arms. An entire store dedicated to selling nothing but sleeves.

\"\"Simply Arms will probably sell sandwiches and beverages as well. Simply Soup does it so its obviously cool with DATCP and the FTC. I\’m feeling pretty proud of this idea. I think I\’ll have a beer.