I hadn\’t planned on posting anything tonight, but I was compelled to based on a ridiculous documentary I just viewed from my treadmill. The PBS show \”NOW\” aired an appalling hour-long love letter to the campaign finance reform movement, which they refer to throughout the show as the \”clean elections movement.\” And of course, they claim it\’s bipartisan, since they find some Republican named Woodcock that\’s funding his gubernatorial campaign with taxpayer money.

I\’d be surprised if 90% of the show isn\’t spent cheerleading for full public financing of campaigns. And the other 10% features some barely functional egghead trying to explain the basic concept of why not allowing voters to speak is an infringement on free speech. Rarely has a documentary been so clueless about how actual campaigns are run.

If you can stomach it, you can follow the link to watch the full hour long video here. I think my wife thought I fell off the treadmill, I was yelling at the TV so much.

It seems fitting that a public television system that wastes taxpayer money on slanted garbage like NOW finds no problem in wasting taxpayer money to run political campaigns.

P.S. – On the main page, there’s a poll question that asks, “Are campaign contributions a form of free speech?” The results – “Yes,” 8%, “No” 86%. Any question about who watches PBS again?