The Nose Knows
September 13, 2006 – 9:31AM

Police in Ashland (Oregon) recently got help cracking a case of bank robbery from an unlikely clue. The Rogue Federal Credit Union was held up in March when a man walked in, demanded cash, then got away. Witnesses told police it sounded like the robber had a cold and apparently he did. Police found a booger at the bank. Months later when authorities caught up with 50-year old Randy Seitzinger, they took a DNA sample from him, and it turns out that it matched the nose mucus left at the bank after the robbery.

Seitzinger is currently at the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility in Wilsonville.

Until now, the cops really BLEW that case. I mean, itSNOT like we\’re dealing with professionals, here.




OH, MY!!!!





Someone call 911….