This morning, my daughter got excited when I told her I was going to take her to vote. Then again, she gets excited about pretty much anything with flashing lights.

But then she asked me what voting was, and it dawned on me that it\’s really hard to explain. I stumbled around and said something like \”it\’s where we go pick the people that we want to be able to tell us what to do.\” But then I realized, I\’m the one that tells her what to do. (And my wife is the one who tells me what to do, so we have our own little family government set up.) So given the chance, she would probably vote us out of office in favor of someone she favored more.

So there\’s an 80% chance that when I come home from work today, I will have been replaced by Cap\’n Crunch.

So get out and vote today – for Crunch \’06.