So why is it that people need some kind of mascot to explain intangible phenomena? We blame certain happenings on \”Father Time,\” or \”Mother Nature,\” as if there\’s some old lady sitting around, saying \”yeah, I think Wisconsin\’s overdue for a tornado. Let\’s mix it up.\”

Since so few people seem to grasp the idea of the marketplace, I thought it might be helpful to American citizens to provide them with a mascot to talk to. We\’ll call him \”Monty the Marketplace,\” and we\’ll give him credit when things we want to buy cost less, and blame him when things we really want cost more. Because, as we all know, it\’s some guy that determines the price of everything, not necessarily how much people are actually willing to pay for it.

So thank you, Monty, for gas being 30 cents cheaper this week – without any government intervention.

And damn you, Monty, for being slow to make 50 inch plasma TVs more affordable. As a result, I will be denied my constitutional right to watch the Packers suck in high definition this year.

My nomination for the official \”Monty Marketplace\” mascot: