A friend of mine told me his wife was playing in a \”moms\” soccer league, meaning you had to be a mother to play. She is proposing that each participant be forced to submit to a uterus screening, because she thinks some teams are sneaking in childless ringers.

The funny thing is, for the purposes of the league, you are considered a \”mother\” if you are currently pregnant. Isn\’t that just waiting for a court challenge? Shouldn\’t the league rule be that you only become a \”mother\” at the time of viability? If you\’re considered a mother while you\’re pregnant, doesn\’t that imply that you have a child? If you have a freezer full of frozen embryos in your basement, does that count? And where is NARAL to ruin these women\’s fun?

Women\’s rec league soccer – ground zero for the abortion battle in the new milennium. Who knew?