I\’m not going to write a whole post about the first preseason game like I did last year, but I do have some thoughts about the Packer-Charger preseason game on Saturday night.

I tend to overreact to bad Packer performances, but I\’m not even remotely discouraged after that game. A lot of new faces have to work their way in, and I imagine that takes a while. If that game happens in week 8, you should check the Monday obituaries for a pig sock puppet cardiac arrest.

Remember when Al Harris was threatening to hold out for more money? Mike McCarthy might want to do just the opposite – ban him from the organization until he gives the Packers back 20% of his current salary.

Somehow, Derrick Turnbow managed to make it out to San Diego and sneak into the game at cornerback for the Packers, wearing number 28. I actually thought about adding a picture of Ahmad Carroll to my \”people who suck\” post, but I thought it was too parochial. Imagine how prescient that would have been – although predicting Ahmad Carroll will give up a touchdown catch is like predicting Katie Couric will bomb at CBS.

Even though Greg Jennings dropped a couple of balls, you can see why everyone\’s so excited about him. I would imagine getting yourself open and in the right spot is 90% of playing wide receiver in the NFL, and he showed he can do that. Now, he just needs to get over his nerves and catch the ball, which he\’ll do.

I like the Journal Sentinel\’s Packer writers, but I think the state Journal\’s Jason Wilde is far and away the best Packer reporter in the state. The game ended at midnight local time, and he gives us almost a full page of entertaining and insightful stories mere hours later.

In that vein, I thought Rich Gannon did an excellent job as the color guy for the Packer TV network. I don\’t know what network he\’ll be working for during the regular season, but they\’ll be getting a guy that knows his stuff and offers accurate, worthwhile observations.

I could live another 100 years and never figure out why teams use their punters as placeholders. It is a mortal lock that at some point there will be a muffed long snap and the punter will run around holding the ball over his head as confused as a beaver at a raffle (I don\’t even know what that means). Why not always have your backup QB do the holding? Hell, even have the third stringer do it. Then, if the long snap is fumbled, they actually have the ability to make something happen.

I guess I did end up writing a whole post. My bad.