Some lefties are taking shots at Republicans for contributions made by an individual named Ambrose Schwartz to some GOP campaigns. Schwartz, you see, owns the 4 Mile Gentleman\’s Club, which is a strip joint.

Schwartz, however, has given money to both Democrats and Republicans. It\’s pretty clear that he\’s a member of the Wisconsin Tavern League and likely gives through his conduit. That means the Tavern League holds on to his money and sends it to candidates that they support. He may have given money to legislators that he had never even heard of.

And when a campaign receives a check, it can\’t possibly take the time to look up the background of every contributor. If you do have the time to research every donor, you\’re not running a very good campaign. Plus, the name \”4 Mile\” wouldn\’t immediately signal \”strip club\” to me. It\’s not like it\’s the \”Bear Chest\” in Beloit or \”Beansnappers,\” which everyone agrees sounds dirty, but nobody can figure out why.

As for the propriety of receiving contributions from strippers themselves, I would argue women that can pick a dollar bill up without using their hands have more dignity than the teachers\’ union, and nobody seems to care about their contributions.

This is in stark contrast to the Doyle administration, where the whoring takes place after the contribution has been received.