For those that don\’t know the ins and outs of running a blog, you can kind of figure out where the visitors to your blog are coming from, and how they found you.

But I was surprised when I read that someone found my blog by typing \”Where can I find free abortions in Wisconsin\” into the Google search engine (see the results here.)

Maybe I\’m a tightwad, but if I had to make a list of services that I wouldn\’t want to skimp on, abortion is probably high on the list. Can you imagine the customer service at a free abortion clinic? You might actually leave the clinic with an extra baby in your uterus. Do they pay the abortionists in Skittles? Do they line the operating table in toilet paper they stole from McDonald\’s?

So whoever the person in West Salem is that\’s looking for a free abortion, take some free advice from me – put in the extra shift at Arby\’s this weekend and go somewhere that doesn\’t double as a tattoo parlor. Or, better yet, take care of the baby you\’ve created. Last time I checked, \”not being a selfish idiot\” is still free. Being responsible don\’t cost nothin\’.