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It\’s Payback Time! Everything Must Go!

I was trying to think of ways to pay back the people who have helped me get this blog thing up and running, and I finally figured out a way. I\’ll sell their stuff.

Check out for books by Charlie Sykes and Bill Christofferson, and buy, buy, buy! I\’m sure they will make for great stocking stuffers, and they may not be all that bad to read, either. I\’ve read a couple of Charlie\’s, and Bill\’s seems to be getting a lot of Five Star reviews on Amazon.

\"\"In related news, I have heard that John McAdams has some leftover socks that he couldn\’t sell during his summer garage sale. A nickel per pair, first come, first serve.

Additionally, Brian Christianson from Free Will has his own line of women\’s underwear and scented love oils to hock. It looks like he\’s on the phone calling you, ladies…

And finally, if you are a fan of Wisconsin Politics, you absolutely must have a subscription to Rumor has it that with every new subscription, Jeff Mayers will show up at your house with a canned ham and babysit your kids for the night.

So reward these folks for all the good work that they do, and for keeping you in the know.

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