\"\" Jessica McBride states that Condoleezza Rice and Joe Lieberman would be her \”dream ticket\” in 2008, saying that \”The Dems would have no idea what to do with that. \”

I couldn\’t disagree more. The only tough decision for Democrats with that ticket would be whether they should camp out at the polls overnight to vote against them as early as possible or not.

First, how did Lieberman do in the 2004 Democratic primaries? Here\’s a hint: He lost to Al Sharpton in South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, California, Georgia, Maryland, New York, Florida, Mississippi, Texas, and Illinois. Al Sharpton! I know he may not have campaigned in some of those states, but damn!

Secondly, I assume Jessica thinks Condoleezza would be a tough vote for Democrats because she\’s a black woman. This, of course, assumes that Democrats are actually sincere in their concern for the rights of African Americans and women. They, of course, are not, unless you are the right type of African American or woman (see: Clarence Thomas). I would actually bet that Condi\’s negatives are higher among blacks than they are whites, as she is likely to be seen as \”selling out\” her race to work for the Bush Administration.

And before we put Condi in the White House, don\’t we need to know just a little about her views on domestic policy? There are a number of websites attempting to compile her statements on issues and, quite frankly, she may comfortably fit the old \”RINO\” tag that bloggers love to throw around these days.

So I don\’t know who my \”dream ticket\” would be. But I do know that most of my \”dreams\” have nothing to do with politics and everything to do with Natalie Portman rubbing my feet while I eat a corned beef sandwich.

Side point: Why does the RINO (Republican in Name Only) tag in Wisconsin generally apply only to state and local officials? Is George Bush a RINO? Where\’s that federal TABOR limiting how much states can spend? Why is Bush dragging his feet? Is anyone in Congress that voted for the Medicare drug benefit a RINO? Can we have some clarification on what the standards are?