Revenge of the Nerd: Why Paul Ryan can be our Next President

In the 1995 movie “The American President,” Michael Douglas plays Andrew Shepherd, a U.S. President who proudly hails from Wisconsin. In the movie, President Shepherd must choose between supporting a gun control bill and a “pollution reduction bill,” which happens to be the pet cause of his environmental lobbyist girlfriend. (This plot contrivance is only slightly less […]

Rhetoric on Steroids: When Political Posturing Gets to be Too Much, We Should Look at Ourselves in the Mirror

March of 2003 was a busy time in America. The U.S. had just sent troops into Iraq to take out Saddam Hussein and his regime. Wisconsin had just elected a new governor, who had recently introduced a bill to close a $3.2 billion budget deficit. The Neverland Ranch became a crime scene. Wisconsin State Senator Judy Robson had […]

You Paid for This: In Dire Economic Times, Legislators Spend Millions to Improve Their Public Images

Recently, WPRI issued a report on term limits (authored by yours truly) that made the point that incumbent legislators are extremely difficult to oust from office, given the advantages they grant themselves in office. One of the most challenging aspects of running a legislative campaign as a non-incumbent is trying to get your message to […]

A Conversation with Sven and Ole

Ole: Well, Sven, now that my Democrats are fully in charge of this state, we\’re finally gonna see some changes around here. Sven: I\’m not really into politics, Ole.  Howdya mean things\’ll be different? Ole: Well for starters, we Democrats are finally gonna do something to stop people, especially the teenagers, from smoking.  Our Governor […]

That\’s Debatable

Tonight, the presidential candidates went toe-to-toe for the final time.  I thought McCain did better than his previous debates, but still didn\’t set the world on fire.  Whatever.  I\’ve always thought that at the end of debates, the moderator should actually declare a winner, who would then get to hold a giant championship belt over […]

Hansen Seeing a Rise in the Poll

For years, Wisconsin’s 30th State Senate district (around the Green Bay area) has been a swing district.  Held by Republican State Senator Gary Drzwiecki until 2000, it has now been won twice by Democrat Dave Hansen.  At one point this year, Republicans had some hope of perhaps taking the seat back, but that optimism seems […]

Conventional Blogging

I\’ve been up at the Republican National Convention since Monday, blogging for  A lot has happened in three days – including me being tear gassed, and a delegate explaining to me why the Easter Bunny is a liberal. You can read my entries here: Day One: Getting This Party Started Who Will the Midgets […]