How a Bill Does Not Become a Law: An activist Dane County court has brashly upended the rules of lawmaking

Every two years, the Wisconsin Assembly issues an activity book for schoolchildren. The book includes a cartoon called “How a Bill Becomes a Law,” which details the happy life of an ebullient piece of legislation named Bill. Bill leads a simple life — all he wants to do is one day earn the governor’s signature […]

Prosser Dominates “Fairest Election Ever”

For years, so-called “good government” groups had been fighting to “level” the playing field in judicial elections.  They always believed that public financing of elections virtually eliminated advantages for certain candidates.  Last session, such a framework was passed into law.  (Perhaps not-so-ironically, this occurred when conservatives were elected to a majority on the Wisconsin Supreme […]

Jim Doyle’s Legacy, On One Page

By now, you know that the Wisconsin Supreme Court has struck down Governor Jim Doyle’s attempt to pilfer $200 million from the state’s doctors in order to balance the state budget.  In the 2007 budget, Doyle took $200 million out of a fund paid in to by doctors in order to partially plug a budget […]

Courting Politics

The Wisconsin Supreme Court is disgusted with how political the institution has become.  In fact, they are so repulsed by the political tone the Court has taken, they are trying to fix it by using the most powerful tool they have: POLITICS. Generally, we think of “politics” as the act of trying to get someone […]

Your Recidivism Update

On Monday, WPRI released a report on ways Wisconsin can alter its probation and parole system to reduced recidivism.  Last night, Channel 26 aired this report based on the study, authored by Kate Mize, J.D. Granted, the report appears to miss the whole point of the study, and some of the facts are pretty loose, […]

Can You Spot What’s Missing?

From the Appleton Post Crescent Website, via USA Today: Wis. court race pits the chief vs. a conservative MADISON, Wis. – Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson is trying to turn back a challenge from a self-described conservative to win a fourth 10-year term on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. A victory would put Abrahamson — appointed to […]

Makin’ Laws, Takin’ Names

Today, the U.S. Eastern District Court of Wisconsin struck down the state’s “minimum markup” law, which generally required gas stations to mark gasoline up 9.18% over the price paid at the pump.  Last year, I issued a report that argued the law kept gas prices artificially high for consumers.  (And for which I was called […]

More Women Mad at Me

It appears I have kept my decades-long streak of displeasing the ladies alive. Today, the League of Women Voters issued a release critical of my column of last week, where I argue that trying to make legislative districts \”electorally competitive\” actually gives Assembly Democrats an eight-seat head start come election time. Otherwise, African-American votes are […]

Thoughts on Richards

Today the Wisconsin Supreme Court released its decision in Michelle Richards v. Badger Mutual Insurance, an interesting case that attempts to discern joint and several liability in a drunk driving death. From Justice Roggensack\’s decision: An ill-conceived idea between teenagers to \”get some beer\” one evening culminated in tragedy the next morning when an intoxicated […]